Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Clean Challenge--project #1

Today kicked off the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge

Project #1--Surface Clean Kitchen/Living Room
Basically, I de-cluttered the "stuff" that was sitting out in these two rooms and wiped everything down. So...

This was before.
Notice all the "stuff" on the kitchen counter. I really despise clutter, so I was totally up for clearing everything off!
Moving into the living room wasn't much cowgirl boots on the table? Yeah...about those...

Looks SO much better! 
See Little E's table? All clear until she wanted a snack. She did, however, do a wonderful job of wiping the milk off the table when she was finished with her cereal! She loves Cinderella, and Cinderella cleans...I can't complain! 
You'll notice I moved the coffee pot and the mixer and removed a few items from the kitchen counters. Love, love, LOVE having blank space on my counters! 

Looking forward to tomorrow's project (which hasn't been announced yet). 
Stay tuned for photos tomorrow as well!


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