Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Clean Challenge--Project #8!

We're on the second week of the 
30-Day House Cleaning Challenge! 

Yesterday's project was 

Let me be 100% honest here--
I did not sweep/vacuum all of my floors. Because we were having people over on Saturday (for the gender reveal party...check out yesterday's post!), I had already swept and mopped the kitchen and living room which are my two biggest rooms. So, yesterday I ran the vacuum upstairs in all the bedrooms, both bathrooms, the stairs, and on the first floor in the dining room. The only rooms I did not do were the playroom (which also got done on Friday) and the kitchen and living room. 

It actually worked out kind of well because usually Monday is my day to vacuum upstairs and Tuesday is the day I do the downstairs. So, it didn't make an extra chore for me yesterday and I don't have to do my typical Tuesday chore today! Hooray! 

Sorry, no photos of this project! How boring are floors? Would you really want an up-close of my carpet? Probably not, so I didn't bother with photos today. 

Are you working along with this challenge? 

The project on the list for today is 
Surface Clean Bedrooms. 
That really shouldn't be a big deal since I did that last week. I may tackle one of the bedrooms that I didn't do last week though--that'd be very needed!

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