Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blogtember- Sept 1

The Blogtember challenge looks like it is going to be super fun! 
Just hope I am up for the challenge! 

The basic gist is every day in the month of September there is a writing prompt. I will do my best to write each day and complete the writing prompt given. 

The first day is basically just an introduction of myself...which should be easy enough. 

We are in need of a new family picture--this was taken almost a year ago!

My name is Rachel and I am 7 years married to Hubs (aka Michael). 
We have 2 littles-- Little E and Baby G 
except that E isn't all the little anymore and G-man isn't a baby! 

We are followers of Christ who pursue lives that are intentional and passionate for God's 
glory not our own.
Hubs is currently a pastor and looking to church plant/revitalize a church somewhere in the Appalachian region of the United States. You can learn a little more about that story here

I love...

my rescuer--Jesus.

my family.



building relationships with women.



dark chocolate.

long evenings with good friends.





active living--running, kayaking, volleyball.


painting furniture.


That gives you a little glimpse of the woman behind this little internet space. Throughout the month, I'm sure you'll learn more! 

Brave Love Blog
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  1. Hi! I'm glad to have found you through the Blogtember Challenge. Y'all look like such a sweet family! :)


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