Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Blogtember-- Sept 16


This is probably one of the hardest prompts of this challenge. 


I want the online me to be the real me. 
But I know the tendency to make the online me look much better than the real me. 

I really do try to convey my real life in all social media areas as well as this blog, but I know I fail many times because of the pressure to make life look beautiful. all. the. time. 
Sometimes it is. Other times it is messy. Hard. Ugly. Real. 

That said, the online me is typically a cleaned up version of the real me. I desire vulnerability and you'll see posts in which I share my heart and the deep things stirring there. You'll also see pictures on Instagram that display my life through a rose-colored filter...or maybe just a dreamy black and white one. ;) 

Real life is usually messy and hectic as I care for my family and my two littles. 
But I don't want to focus so much on the messy that I miss the messy-beautiful. That's why I take the photos I do for my IG feed or this blog. Even in the midst of the hard, long, chaotic days of raising little children I want to capture the beauty that is there...because beauty is always there if you look for it. 

So, forgive me for not always being totally honest in the online realm...or maybe sometimes I'm too honest for you. Either way, I want you to see both the difficult and the beautiful moments of my life. 
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