Sunday, September 6, 2015

Blogtember--Sept 6

What's your style? Likes? Dislikes?

fashion dislikes
My fashion dislikes:
1. Ed Hardy-- just gross. 
2. UGG boots--do I need to explain? I understand that they are "comfortable" and "so warm", but they do nothing for me in the way of looks. 
3. Super Skinny Jeans-- I just don't like to have to be peeled out of my pants. Loosen up a little! 
4. Louis Vuitton-- I'm not huge on designer hand bags (except for the Coach that was gifted to me), especially these. Again, the look of them just isn't appealing to me. Maybe its because I've seen too many fakes and even the real ones look cheap to me. 
5. High heels-- I typically steer clear of high heels, although I have one pair of wedges that I love. Hubs isn't too much taller than me and any heel that is too tall makes me taller than him which neither of us like.  

fashion likes
My fashion likes and go-tow! 
1. Sunnies-- I am rarely caught without mine. I love them and my eyes have gotten so used to them that I can't be in the sun very long without them.
2. Scarves-- An accessory that I probably use too much in Fall/Winter/Spring. I've missed my scarves this summer! 
3. Tunic tees-- I picked up a few of these loose-fitting this summer and have really loved them. Cute and comfy and cool! 
4. Leggings-- I was opposed to leggings for a while, but not I have come to appreciate their place in the wardrobe. I don't wear them very often, but I am always pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are when I do wear them. 
5. Fitted tees-- especially v-neck. I probably have too many of these, but they are very versatile. I have worn them with jeans, shorts, or even dressed them up with a skirt and some jewelry. 
6. Boyfriend style denim shorts-- Picked up a pair at GAP this summer and I have worn them almost daily! So comfy and they go with everything! I should have gotten more than one pair! 
7. Birkenstocks-- Say what you want about Birks, but they are making a come back. And I'd wear them even if they weren't. Ordered mine 6 years ago before we moved to Uganda, wore them daily for the 6 months we were there, and they are always the first thing I break out when the temps are warm enough to let me toes be exposed. The comfort level is out of this world. 

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