Friday, September 11, 2015

Blogtember-- Sept 11

So, its Friday! 


Let's pretend I have decided to just stay in on this lovely Friday night. The possibilities for enjoying a Friday night in are seemingly endless right now! 

Maybe I'd enjoy a simple dinner and then get the kids to bed so I could enjoy some time with Hubs. 

Or maybe after the kids are down I'd....

spend time sewing. 

read a book. 

sit out back by the fire pit just talking with Hubs. 

play Settlers of Catan with friends.

bake and eat chocolate chip cookies.

watch a movie (aka fall asleep).

I know what you're thinking... "This girl lives on the wild side"! Haha! 
It might seem a little boring to you to spend a Friday night like this, but life for us right now is so busy that a quiet evening at home just enjoying some of the things that are life giving to me sounds amazing! 

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  1. I've been thinking we need a fire pit too. Sounds wonderful!

    1. The fire pit has been one of my FAVORITE things recently! We have used it at least once a week the last few weeks. Its relaxing to sit out there after my kiddos have gone to be and just chat with my husband after a long day. Although, we usually stay too long and regret not going to bed earlier when the alarm goes off in the morning ;)

  2. Quiet Friday evenings are the best! You mentioned reading, so I have to ask, what've you been reading lately?

    1. I recently finished Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman. Currently reading her other book A Million Little Ways. Another one that was really good recently was Longing for Paris by Sarah Mae.

      I'm not a huge fiction reader at this point in my life. I still need to finish the last of the Divergent books--Allegiant. I just can't get into it right now.


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