Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Blogtember-- Sept 2

Day 2 - Describe your ideal day.

Have I mentioned before that I love mornings?

Here's just a few snap-shots of mornings over the last few years. 

What's not to love about mornings?
Quiet. Sun coming up. Coffee. Snuggles from my littles. 

My ideal day would start with a long, cool, sunny morning.
Lots of coffee would be involved as well as something yummy for breakfast (FirstWatch, anyone?)
It would be a slow start. Not one of the mornings where we have to get dressed and out the door early. Then, I'd go for a jog along the river before it got too hot. Remember, I said this was a cool morning. Probably sometime in the Fall.

Hubs would have the day off work!
We would spend time as a family doing any number of things...
maybe a visit to the local market?
maybe long walk?
possibly watching football with friends.
or searching out a yard sale or two?
Whatever we do, it would be unhurried. It would be simple. But we would be together.
Kids would nap easily.
I'd spend some time reading.
We'd make dinner together.
Enjoy some time outside...maybe invite some friends for a game night?!?
We'd end the day with putting kids to bed and sitting out by the fire pit for a while just chatting and soaking up the evening.

Basically, my ideal day would be a slow one in which we could enjoy the things we each love. We could spend time together. We could simply enjoy the little things of life without the pressure from others to do or be anything other than slow, ordinary, unhurried.

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