Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Blogtember-- Sept 8


Typically, my favorite season is Fall. 

The crispness in the air. 
Football season. 
Cool mornings/evenings with warm afternoons. 
All the Fall holidays. 
A cooling off after the summer heat.
Finally wearing jeans again...and scarves! 
All the colors of the changing leaves. 
Back to school...back to routines.
Fall scented Yankee Candles (only the BEST). 

I really do love the Autumn season. 

This year, however, for some reason I am not as much longing for it.

I think its because our entire month of June was consumed with rain and storms. Literally...every day. 
The summer didn't feel long enough. Then there's the fact that after Fall is Winter and I just plain don't like Winter. Last Winter we had too much snow for my liking and my kids were sick constantly for an entire month. YUCK! Winter brings snow, cold, and sickness...not my idea of fun. 

Though I love Fall and I always will, I'm still holding on to these last few days of summer...
and enjoying the fact that football season has begun!

Brave Love Blog 


  1. Fall-scented candles are the best! I stock up and then burn them all year round because I love them so much. ;)

  2. I NEEED to invest in some yankee candles for this fall and Christmas, it's a must! I love fall too!!

    1. Just picked up the Harvest candle from Yankee...is delicious! I only got one because they weren't on sale...I need to go when they have a deal or I have a coupon ;)


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