Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blogtember-- Sept 13

seasons of life

Today's challenge was to create a college that represents my current season of life.
I feel like this sums it up

1. Coffee cup--I drink a pretty good amount of coffee these days...because (refer to #2)

2. "Mom of the Year"-- Not that I think that of myself, but I am a mother. I spend the bulk of my time keeping my littles alive. Which is the main reason I need all. the. coffee.

3. Table of food-- We do a lot of cooking and eating. I joke sometimes that all I do is feed people. But I have people and my people need to eat.

4. Running shoes-- my current favorite running shoe (Mizuno). I don't run super long distances or spend a ton of time on it, but I do enjoy running a couple times per week.

5. Pen-- writing. In this season I am seeing how much I process when I write. I journal daily and picking up the pace on this blog has really felt good too.

6. Books-- I've also been devouring books recently. Its difficult with littles around all the time, but I have started to make it priority because of how my soul is refreshed through reading.

What does you life look like in this season?

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