Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blogtember-- Sept 9

Dear 16-year-old girl,

Wow! You're finally 16! Such an exciting time in your can now drive...a real car! I'm sure your parents are totally flipping out like mine did. My mom made me practice driving in the cemetery because the "roads" were kind of similar to real roads but I couldn't kill anyone. maybe that wasn't funny to you, but it was always our joke.

Seriously though. These next 2 years are going to fly by. Then you'll be 18 and headed off to college where you'll be basically on your own...with a few care packages of cookies and candy from your mom every now and then. Can I give you a few small (but really big) pieces of advice?

You might think I am old, but I remember those days. The year I turned 15 was the year God started really working on my life. So those high school years are prominent in my memory. And I'm honestly not that much older than you...even though I struggle with SnapChat I am still pretty young.

You may be feeling like pulling away from your parents...your mom in particular. Don't. She loves you. She may seem unreasonable at times, but really she is trying to figure out this road that is somewhere between parenting and letting you go. Its hard. She's trying her best. She wants what is best for you. Though it may seem she just doesn't understand, she does. She's been there. And even if you pull away, go back. Because even if you pull away, she still loves you. Always.

Your identity is not in who you are, what you wear, who your friends are, or who your boyfriend is.

Life isn't about what you wear...but you can dress cute and trendy. Just do it because YOU want to not because someone else will approve of you more. Life isn't about who your friends are...but have friends. Invest in friends who build you up. Enjoy friends who love you for YOU not because of what you offer them. Life isn't about boyfriends...but have friends that are guys. Go out in groups and have fun. Learn how the male gender operate (because they think really differently than woman). Enjoy the company of boys but don't let the boy control YOU or make YOU important. You are important because you are a beautiful creature of God.  He made you to desire companionship with the opposite sex, but hold of for a little while. Just be YOU for now.

Seek Christ during this time. I seems really un-cool. But you'll be thankful you did. Seek to know what He says about you. Who you are in Him. Beloved. Cared for. Rejoiced over. BEAUTIFUL.

Really what I am saying is, glorify God in your conduct, seek Him, and have fun. Sixteen is such a fun time! New. Exciting. Invigorating. Enjoy every second...don't grow up to quickly.


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