Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blogtember-- Sept 3

Day 3--Collage the describe my blog.

Blog Collage

This collage is simple, yet I feel like it sums up my blog pretty well. 

1. Books-- I talk a lot about what I am reading and the lessons God is teaching me.

2. "Faith, Hope, Love"-- There is a good deal of discussion about my faith and the lessons I am learning that deal with faith, freedom, and Christ.

3. Flowers-- You'll notice that some of my posts revolve around my home decorating projects and adding beauty to my home. 

4. "Never Grow Up" journal-- Each year on my children's birthdays I write them a letter and publish it here on the blog. These are some of my favorite posts because I go back through photos of them and post them here. 

Brave Love Blog

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