Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blogtember-- Sept 15

What's in your bag?

I mean really? 
Girls, this ended up being a bit embarrassing but good too.
You see, I carry around this bag that is big which is good for a momma, right? 
Only it gets cluttered with SO. MUCH. STUFF. 
This ended up being a major purse purge that was desperately needed. 

So, thanks for the writing prompt...
and maybe a few of you will get a chuckle out of what was in my purse. 

At first glance it doesn't look too bad, but that's because you can't quite see all the receipts and paper. Its stacked under the church bulletin ;) 

The important things--
cash envelope wallet
hand sanitizer
a few too many bobby pins
burt's bees lip balm (**fave!)
PastTense essential oil blend (for headaches)
target gift card

Not too important things--
necklace and earrings
an entire package of pony tail holders
dish towel (??) (to be fair, I took it to Joann's because I want to embellish it and needed to have it with me to see how much trim I would need...but its still in there...really?)
hour glass for teeth brushing
church bulletin and hidden receipts
key to beach condo (we went in MAY, people)
clothes pin
and we can't forget--a Little People shepherd (I'm obviously a mother...normal, single people or not-yet-parents don't carry Little People in their purses).

So, there ya have it! 

What's in your purse?

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