Friday, September 4, 2015

Blogtember-- Sept 4

Passions are an interesting thing. When one asks what I am passionate about sometimes I clam up. I begin to wonder if I even know what I am passionate about! Do I have passions?!? What are they?!? Then I remember...passions don't have to be huge and look like everyone else's but they are simply the things that are most important to me. Things I find myself dwelling on and speaking of often. Things I get upset and fiery about. 

Anyone else ever feel AFRAID to share their passions? 
I often feel like some people don't understand my heart when I speak about the things I am passionate about. I get the deer-in-the-headlights looks. It feels like rejection. And I don't like rejection. So its easier to not talk about it. Sharing passions and dreams with others is hard because its opening a sensitive part of your inner heart--the place where dreams live. If someone rejects your dreams or sees your passions as unimportant it can feel painful...squashing. But, here's where grace comes in. Here is where freedom in Christ lives. In this place is where we learn to rest in our identity in Christ rather than the opinions of others. 

I think there are several things that I am passionate about. 

I am passionate about loving my family well and pointing my children to Jesus. Discipling my children to the best of my ability and leaving their regeneration up to Holy Spirit. Giving fertile soil and planting seeds...waiting for them to grow.  

I am passionate about TRUTH. More than just being honest--not believing the lies of the enemy choosing to believe and live out the truths that Christ offers. 

I am passionate about women. Female friendships especially within the church. We so often hide from one another and put on masks that portray our "put-together-ness" when we are falling apart and broken on the inside. I have worked hard to develop vulnerable relationships in my life and I love seeing those grow. I love seeing women who were once hiding come into the light with all their stuff and find the freedom and healing that comes through honesty with others and self and Jesus. 

What are you passionate about? 
I'm sure it looks different, but it no less important!

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