Friday, October 10, 2014

{day 10} in a small city

Today we are going to travel right into the heart of downtown Charleston to Capitol Street. 
Being a small city, Charleston doesn't have a ton of people flowing through like other large cities do, but Capitol Street is an exception. On a daily basis many people flood this area because it is home to many locally owned business (Ellen's Ice Cream from day 2 is one of them) and offices. 

At one end of this bustling street is the Kanawha River, and at the other end is Capitol Market.

This farmer's market is open daily, year round! 
Most people in the area thoroughly enjoy the market for various reasons. 
They not only are a farmer's market, but they have an indoor section with a small produce/grocery store, a wine shop, chocolatier, coffee shop, meat market, fish market, a store specializing in WV made goods, and a restaurant. There is something for everyone! Even in the frigid winter months, there is still something happening indoors at Capitol Market. 

The market also hosts community events. 
Two of which are coming up very soon! 
The Pumpkin Party--children paint pumpkins, get faces painted, play with huge bubble wands, etc.
Trick-or-Treat at the Market--exactly what it sounds like. Kids trick-or-treat at the market. 
We look forward to both of those events each year! 

In the Spring/Summer the market is filled with flowers and yummy vegetables and fruits! 
Sitting on the patio, sipping coffee, and people watching is a fun past-time. 

 One Saturday morning we all went to the market and found a lovely lady was selling fresh cut flowers. They were gorgeous! To be honest, I really felt like I was in a different city that day, but it was right here in Charleston!

 We chose our flowers and she arranged them into a beautiful bouquet.

The live music was a blast! Both G and E danced and clapped. We all had a blast!

We picked up some WV grown cantaloupe while we were there too. Delicious! 

We have gone a couple of times this Fall as well.
The sights and smells make it really feel like Fall...even when I wasn't quite sure it was Fall yet :) 

The day we were there they had a local chef giving a cooking demonstration. It smelled wonderful but because of impatient children I wasn't able to stay to watch the entire thing. 

E picked out a few tiny gourds and we even got some "goofy pumpkins". 

We are really excited about the Pumpkin Party coming up and Trick-or-Treating at the Market!!

In the Winter the lot is filled with freshly cut evergreens!
The outdoor portion closes after Christmas and reopens in the the Spring, but the indoor stores are open year round.

I think my favorite time at the Market is Fall.
So if you're in Charleston in the Fall (or anytime, really) a must-see destination is the
Capitol Market!

Did you know this is {day 10} in a 31 day series?!?
I'm linking up with The Nester and others in the Write31Days challenge!
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