Thursday, October 23, 2014

{day 22} in a small city

Ok. So, I fell off the wagon yesterday. 
But I'm getting right back on today! 

Anyone up for some shopping, because today I'm taking you to the Charleston Town Center Mall! 

So, it doesn't really look pretty. That's mainly because the parking garage is the only thing you see from the outside. 

The mall definitely offers a variety of stores for a great shopping experience, but its more than that as well. We like to go to grab a cup of Starbucks and just walk through. And yes, it is the only corporate owned Starbucks location in Charleston. Sad. 

And...middle of October and we already have Christmas decorations up.
Yeah. Not really OK with that.


Our littles love the mall too...but not because of the stores. 

They love the extra little things...

Like riding in the apple car with Lowly Worm...who is (by the way) Little E's husband. She actually says that frequently and just the other day she told me that "If I marry Lowly worm I can't have real human babies with feet because you can't have human babies if you marry a worm." True story. And technically she's right...but there's a lot more wrong with marrying a worm than just the fact that her babies wouldn't have feet. 
So Little E loves the Lowly worm ride. G-man, not so much. Cried the entire time.

Then there's Build-A-Bear. We just go to browse most of the time. 

They also have a "Play Patch"...basically an indoor play area that is made to look like fruits and veggies (Thank you, CAMC). The Play Patch saved us last winter when it was so cold for so long and we all had cabin fever! 

The restaurant selection at the mall isn't too shabby either. Panera is always a great option, but there is also the food court (hello, Chic-Fil-A) and other nicer restaurants (Chili's, Tidewater, The Chop House, Outback, etc). 

They recently did a total overhaul on the mall, complete with renovations outside as well which made it feel really fun and festive year round--bistro lights, etc. 

The Town Center Mall is a great place to take the family to enjoy some shopping, good food, or people watching (my favorite). Your kids will probably bug you to death to ride a ride, or have a new Build-a-Bear animal, but still...its fun....sort of :) 


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