Monday, October 20, 2014

{day 20} in a small city

Looking for some more "Fall fun"? 

I've already taken you to Milton for the Pumpkin Festival and Cooper Family Farm Corn Maze/Zip Line. Here's another family outing that will be sure to please everyone!

Our family hasn't had a chance to go yet this year, but Little E loved her time there last year!! 

Gritt's is about 45 minutes away from Charleston, but is well worth the drive. 

In the Fall they offer a corn maze, corn box (like a giant sand box...only corn), pumpkins and other produce, slides, food, and so much more! 


 Gritt's is always a blast! 
I really wish I had pictures of my own to share with you and my personal experience of this year, but I don't have those yet. Last year was so much fun...cold and a little wet, but still fun! 

We are hoping to get there sometime in the next week, but we'll see! Even though I haven't been this year, I still know its totally worth including in this journey around our city...and the suburbs beyond.


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