Wednesday, October 8, 2014

{day 8} in a small city

 One of my biggest complaints about Charleston has been the lack of coffee shops. In recent years, things have grown here and we now have several, although we need one that has a drive-thru! Who wants to drag 2 kiddos into a coffee shop in the snow to get a morning pick-me-up...not me! So if you're reading this and have been considering opening a coffee shop in Charleston with a drive-thru...I'm behind you 100%! You'd have a monopoly on good coffee with drive-thru service (there are McDonald's and such, but I prefer good coffee). 

This brings me to my next stop along our journey through the city


A relatively "new" coffee shop that opened about 4 years ago (that's my best guess). In the heart of down town, it has very modern feel with its glass doors all around that open up to the outside in nice weather. Its not at all like a cozy book shop coffee place. Its a little more modern and sterile. Sometimes I am more in the mood for a cozy feel, so I have to venture elsewhere, but this place is close to home and has really good coffee! 

On this particular day, my neighbor and I walked down for a Friday morning latte...complete with 4 children 3 and under and two double jogging strollers. We were a sight to be seen, I think! 

If you ever go, I advise staying rather than getting a to-go order. The atmosphere is nice but the beauty of your latte in their mugs really makes the experience! Not only do your tastebuds get to enjoy, but your eyes can behold a beautiful swirl of steamed milk and espresso. 

Little E loves going to Moxxee! 
She always wants to get a hot chocolate and usually says, "I haven't had my coffee yet this morning, so I need hot chocolate." She doesn't always get her wish, but we let her indulge sometimes. 

Outdoor seating is wonderful when the weather is nice. And outdoor seating with kids is about the only way to do kids in a coffee shop (unless you have really calm kids...which we do not). The outdoor space is partially gated in, so its pretty easy to keep your kids from running off too far...which is good because the road is about a car length from the seating area. 

So if you need a caffeine boost, stop by Moxxee for some coffee or one of their delicious teas and pastries! 

Did you know this is {day 8} in a 31 day series?!?
I'm linking up with The Nester and others in the Write31Days challenge!
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