Saturday, October 25, 2014

{day 24} in a small city

Right outside of Charleston on Rt. 119 you'll find a huge shopping area with 3 shopping plazas and tons of restaurants. 

We go out there frequently for our Target adventures (seems like weekly...maybe we have an obsession but that's ok, right?). Sometime, though, Hubs will take the kids (it started as dates with Little E) to Cabela's. 

Yes. Cabela's. 

E loves to go look at the animals (dead and stuffed) and fish in the fish tank. She likes exploring the store and all the cool stuff they have their as well, but the highlight is fish tank. 

Confession: I have only been with them one time. It was this last summer and E pulled the fire alarm (we think...long story). Needless to say, we were't there very long. But G-man his first baseball cap that night. 

So after enjoying a dinner at one of Southridge's many restaurants, head over toe Cabela's to do some exploring with your kiddos. 


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