Thursday, October 30, 2014

write31days {confession & conclusion}

Alright guys, confession. 

(Which actually isn't any secret)

This last week I completely lost my write31days blogging momentum. You  know why? I'll tell you. One word. 4 letters.


I made it 27 days.
Only 4 left to go until I complete the entire month. 
But I dropped the ball. 
And let's face it...

I won't be picking it back up.

You know why? 


My life, my husband, my children, my home, my friends, my family, my commitments.

All of those things are more important.
And right now they all require a ton of my time. 

Sorry if that disappoints you or you feel like I left you hanging. 

The conclusion to the series goes something like this: 

Charleston is a great little city to live in or visit. There are many fun activities, exciting places, and yummy food to be had. I hope you come visit soon! 

There ya have it! 

Now, back to my regularly scheduled life with littles. 
I'll be here...just not every day...and not for the rest of this week. 

We have Trick-or-Treat to tend to! 
Apple Cider


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