Thursday, October 16, 2014

{day 16} in a small city

Since moving to our current location, we have tried to find some local spots to frequent. Today, I'm sharing one of those places with you! 

Apparently (because of my first post in this series...and now this one) we really like ice cream. Who knew! 

Technically this is frozen yogurt, but still...same concept. 

Just a few blocks away from us is a lovely self-serve frozen yogurt spot that is not a chain! It is locally owned by a family who also owns and operates two other restaurants in town. We've grown fond of Sweet Spoon for a number of reasons...

1. The woman who typically works there is very friendly, a believer, and has children roughly the same ages as ours. We have developed a sort of friendship with her.

2. It is within walking distance from our house! So fun on a summer evening. 

3. They have punch cards and when you buy 9 cups of yogurt you get the 10th free. I won't tell you how many of those cards we went through this summer but I will say it was more than a couple. 

4. Sweet Spoon is more than frozen yogurt. They also have bubble tea, smoothies, coffee, and lattes! 

5. Its rarely crowded, so our kids can run around without really bothering anyone. That's always a perk, right?

We walked down there just the other night because the weather was much warmer that what we had been having and we needed a special treat to celebrate most likely the last 80+ degree day we will have in a while!

If we were giving a review, Sweet Spoon would get 5 Starts from our family! 

Did you know this is {day 16} in a 31 day series?!?
I'm linking up with The Nester and others in the Write31Days challenge!
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