Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{day 21} in a small city

Living downtown in a small city is really not much like it would be in a larger city. 

For instance, we still have to drive our car most places. There are some amenities that are within walking distance, and there is public transportation available, but most people don't use it. 

That's where today's fun activity comes in. 

While we typically don't use public transportation (for more reasons that I care to name), there is one portion of our transit system that is fun for our family. 

The Trolley. 

The Trolley drives past our house about 5 times each day...every hour on the hour. 

The driver knows who we are and (if its the daily driver...not the weekend driver) he rings the bell at the kiddos each time he sees them. 

Several times we have taken the Trolley for a ride just for fun. 

It picks up right across the street form our house which is convenient and makes an hour long loop around the city. 

One of the best parts is that it costs 75 cents each time you get on and children under a certain height (43" maybe?) are free! So for me and my 2 littles it cost 75 cents to ride the whole loop without getting off. Sometimes we get off at Capital Street, explore a little, and get back on. On those days we are big spenders and it costs us $1.50! Whew! 

Seriously, its a lot of fun and a great way to see some parts of the city you might not otherwise see! 

The driver is great and has even let E ring the bell! 

We always have so much fun on our Trolley outings! 


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