Monday, October 27, 2014

{day 27} in a small city

Happy Monday! 
I am really excited to share with you a fun event that we participated in this weekend! 

Every summer, Charleston hosts "Festivall". For a few weeks each June the "City becomes a work of art". There are events to go to, art to be seen, food to be tasted, and music to listen to. 

More recently, they started hosting "Festivall Fall". Unlike "Festivall" this even only lasts a weekend. This year, it was this past weekend. 

While we didn't participate in the Pub Crawl, the Zombie Run 5K, or anything else, our children got to participate in the Make and Take Crafts on Saturday. It was right around the corner, so Hubs walked them over and they came home with all kinds of fun stuff they had made. They also browsed the craft fair and purchased me some homemade soap (one of my favorite things)! 

Bird cake! 

Fall tree with puzzle piece leaves.

They colored these paper masks. One was a skeleton the other was a pumpkin. E thought she was super scary in her mask!

Festivall Fall was a pretty fun event for our family, even though we only took part in one activity. 
Our favorite part of Festivall (the summer event) is Taste-Of-All where local restaurants come and you can pay a small sum to sample foods from whichever restaurant appeals to you. Its really fun...and delicious! 

These events provide so much fun and a kind of different feel to the city. Charleston is getting artsy folks!


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