Thursday, October 9, 2014

{day 9} in a small city

Today's local spot is quite different than the rest of the places I have shared so far, but I'm totally in love with it and I hope you will be too! 


This quaint little store front is cozy and welcoming from first glance...the festive decor in the window, the beautiful hanging basket of flowers, and the finishing touch of the bright red door makes it ooze with appeal! And that's just the outside! 

Tesori recently opened in Charleston and specializes in selling vintage and antique goods. 
And compared to some of the other antique places around, their prices are fantastic! 

So, visualize yourself walking through that red door...
upon entering you are met with the quiet sound of smooth music and a friendly hello from the shop's owner...
then you begin to look around. 
Here's what you'll see...
(pay close attention...I always have to take two or three trips through each room of the store because I always miss things the first time through. That's a trait of a great store)!

I have purchased a couple of items from here since they opened.  One was a vintage desk that became my sewing table. I adore it! 

The second item was this "coffee" canister! A little chip on the top makes it all the more beautiful. 
And check out that cute bumble bee logo! 

I'm smitten! 
Seriously, if you are a Charlestonian you need to check this place out.
And if you ever visit, put this place at the top of your "must see" list! 

Disclaimer: Most of the places and activities in this series have been "family friendly". Tesori may not be the best place to take children unless they are very self-controlled or older. Each time I have been I have gone when Hubs or a babysitter had the kiddos. Its just better that way. 

Did you know this is {day 9} in a 31 day series?!?
I'm linking up with The Nester and others in the Write31Days challenge!
Go check out the other blogs and check back here tomorrow for another "day in a small city"


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