Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fun!

Its that time again! Time for another Friday post---

life rearranged

You'll get more info on this next week, but here is a preview of the hair bow organizer I made for E's room! 
I love it! 

 Tomorrow I'm taking one of two Praxis exams that I must take before graduating.
Needless to say, I've spent a pretty good amount of time studying--this was at the library on New Year's Eve.

Our first snow of the season--and how appropriate that I was at Target! 
Like many of you, I have a very special place in my heart for Target--some might call it an addiction, I call it adoration :)

Don't isn't coffee...just water. She kept playing with my cup so I put a little bit of water in it for her. 
She had more on her dress than in her belly I think.

That wonderful man of mine set up a little breakfast/coffee date the other morning--
complete with a menu. It was very sweet and we had a great time sitting by the fire
in the early morning before E was awake.

More Friday fun! Fill in the blank! I'm linking up here.

1.   One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is     sip a warm cup of coffee while browsing blogs or playing a game with my hubby!

2.   When I have free time I tend to    fill it up too quickly! Because of my usual hectic schedule with class, wifery, and motherhood, I find it strange to not be busy. When I have free time I usually fill it up before I get a chance to truly enjoy it. 

3.  If I had an entire day completely to myself I would   be completely out of my element! In this season it is difficult to get an hour to myself let alone a whole day! I would probably enjoy breakfast/coffee at First Watch, read a little, take a walk along the boulevard, go home and nap, and go shopping (probably at Target, HomeGoods, or Hobby Lobby!)

4.  I would prefer to spend my free time (alone or with others...)    it depends. I am alone most of the day when I'm not in class (well alone as in away from other adults, Eliyah is still here) so many times when I'm free I like to do something with other adults--either my hubs or a friend. But there are many times when I just want to get away and relax on my own. I definitely need both!

5.  Most of my free time happens    on the weekend or in the evenings. Usually when the hubs gets off work, he tries to give me a little time to myself (at least a couple times per week) even if its just a few minutes. When he is home on the weekends I usually get a Saturday morning to myself!

6.  The best thing about free time is    I get a chance to relax and clear my mind, which is always good for me! 

7.  The next time I have free time I should probably    focus on spending time alone with God but instead, I'll probably    get a cup of coffee and waste time on twitter, facebook, and blogging (although, is that really a waste of time? I don't know..maybe)



  1. Good luck on your Praxis tests. I felt so relieved to have those behind me and be one step closer to graduating!

  2. I love your idea of spending time alone with God. Isnt it wonderful sometimes to just stop everything in the quiet and be still and know he is God. Sometimes I think I dont do enough of it...

  3. Stopping by from InstaFriday. Hooray for snow! The hairbow holder looks great!


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