Thursday, January 19, 2012

House Tour-Living Room

I wanted to take a few posts and dedicate them to a house tour! 
Granted, we have a very small 2 bedroom apartment that really isn't much to show, but its our place and we adore it. I'm constantly changing things, and looking for inexpensive, crafty decorating ideas. If you have any ideas, please feel free to let me know! Who knows, maybe you will see you idea posted in pictures in the future! 

Enjoy your tour! 

Our living room is actually the entry way in our place. 
This is what you would see right as you step through our door. 

Lots of books = lots of book shelves! 
Here you can see two of the three that are in our small living room.

You can also see the windows in this picture. The one thing that I absolutely
love about this apartment is the character and wood work around the windows! 
I made the Roman Shades on the can read about it here.

This rocking chair belonged to Michael's grandfather.
When Little E was born, my mother-in-law gave it to us. I love it.
It is perfect for rocking and nursing my baby.

Love this beautiful pillow! 
It came from Pier One a few summers ago, and I still adore it.

This couch was given to us this summer by one of our pastors.
At first I kept thinking it needed a slip cover, but then I began 
to really like the vintage feel it has. Others who have enjoyed our space have
also commented on how they love the vintage-ness of it, so I think I'm going to 
leave it as it is. It definitely add character.
The table is one that I got at a yard sale right when we returned from Uganda.
I painted it and distressed it a little bit.

Books, books, and more books!
That's what happens when you marry a pastor/church planter/ministry man :)

Zoe loves the couch too. You will typically find her resting on top of the back cushions.

So there you have it: our living room! 
What do you think?


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