Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Here we are again! My hubs just said, "Wow, its Wednesday! Where did this week go?!?" 
Which describes exactly how I feel! 

Hope you are enjoying this first week of 2012! I'm trying to get everything back in order and ready for my last semester of classes! 
I only got one picture this week (as usual), but I had really good intentions...just so you know :)

 New Year's Eve celebration! 
top-gift from my Granny (for Christmas)
green flats-Target
I put on this green jacket (I've had so long I don't remember where it came from)
because it was slightly chilly outside, but not really cold enough for me winter coat. 
The lighting is better in this picture too.

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  1. cute look! we would love for you to link up with us on sunday "sunday best dressed". we need some help with ideas on things to wear to church, so any skirts or dresses you would like to share with us would be great! hope to see you sunday!



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