Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My apologies, but there will be an interruption in our regularly scheduled program today. 

I was unable to snap even one photo of my outfits this week, but not because I am a complete slacker. 
Hubs and I both caught some type of stomach virus that is going around. Saturday night it hit me first (and I will spare you of the lovely details) and super early Sunday morning he got it. Thankfully, Little E did not get it. My mom was so great to come get her for the day so we could rest and recuperate. We ended up staying with my mom for a night so that I could still nurse E, but not have the full load of caring for her while also trying to care for myself and my sick hubby. 

So, today, Wednesday, actually sneaked up on me! With my man home from work yesterday it made Tuesday feel more like Monday...and Wednesday feel more like Tuesday well you get the picture. 

So, I apologize! 

We will get back to the house tour later this week. We only have a few more rooms to go! 
Hope you have a blessed day!


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