Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend coziness

I l.o.v.e. this girl. 
We had a great weekend together--along with her Papa. 
Last night we just relaxed at home (great thing about Sunday nights) and enjoyed each other. 
I must say, the middle picture is my favorite. I woke her at 10 for her last nurse for the night and she has this CRAZY bed head! It was hilarious! You can see that she wasn't exactly happy at that point...

but the other pictures are after she nursed--much happier little lady :) 

I decided that I don't use my camera enough, so I made Papa take some pics of us last night even though we were all in our PJ's. 

Saturday was a lovely day as well. I spent the morning working on homework and things for Little E's upcoming birthday party! (Check out my pinterest for a sneak peek). Then we enjoyed the fellowship of some great, wise, godly friends. God led us to share some hard things during that time, but it was beautiful. 

So many times I fear being open about things---who I am, my struggles, my insecurities--but when we are open, God uses those times in our lives in ways we'd never imagine. I hope, one day, to be able to share with you what God has been working in our lives over the past year, but I know that now is not the right time. 

A challenge to myself (and to you, if you'd have it) on this Monday morning is,
embrace openness.
Let others in. Enter into others. 
Don't judge.
Don't speak.
Just listen & pray. 
Real, True, Lasting
only comes when you open the door of your heart,
break down the walls,
and let other in. 

Its scary--terrifying really--but so worth it. 
This is honestly not something I am good at...I'm horrible at it to be completely honest.
God is giving me the grace power I need to do this in my life, and I am trusting him for whatever happens after opening. Will you?

**note: in my experience, it comes easier with a cup of coffee ;)**


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  1. Such an amazing post to read this Monday morning! I love it and I accept the challenge! Your little lady is a doll :-) Have a great week!


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