Thursday, January 12, 2012

organizing craftiness

Last week I promised a post of the crafty things I have been working on over the last few weeks. 
I must admit, I have not completely finished one of the project...actually the one I am most excited about! For that, I am sorry! 
However, I did get a couple of my projects completed! 

This was the first project I completed. 

My daughter has several tons of hair accessories (thanks to her Grammy). We had them in a basket on her dresser, but it was quickly filling up, over flowing, and just not cutting it any more. 

Before Christmas I had purchased a large gray frame from my local Salvation Army. The frame actually had artwork displayed in it. 
I bought a can of spray paint (Ocean Breeze I think was the color) at Wal-Mart for $3.97, painted the frame, removed the artwork and glass. I then used plan brown ribbon (also purchased at Wal-Mart) and tied it tightly around two sides of the frame in three rows. We had some left over cup hooks from previous projects, so that handsome man of mine got out his drill (which he loved doing!) and drilled 7 holes for my hooks. I screwed them up into the frame, and he hung the completed project on the wall for me! 

Now Little E's hair accessories are all organized! 

Another issue I was having was that all of our phone/ipod/other random electronic cords were everywhere in our bedroom! We have a surge protector that we plug things into at night to charge and the baby monitor gets plugged in here as well, because it is right beside the bed. Honestly, I was getting frustrated with seeing gobs of tangled cord mess every single day, and Little E kept trying to get them, put them in her mouth, etc. It was becoming a hazard.

Cue...organizational fix!

My mom gave me this wine bottle box a few years back and I was actually contemplating giving it away because I didn't have much of a use for it (okay, Mom, I know what you're thinking...but I DIDN"T give it away, I found a use for now I am allowed to keep it). 

It hit me that this box was just the right length for the surge protector. I broke out the drill the other day while Hubs was at work, and went to work. 
I drilled 4 holes, plugged everything into the strip, but the cord through the whole and then wound up the rest of the cord length tightly and secured with a bread tied. 

Now everything is tidy, and in order. Little E cannot get to the cords as easily (because they aren't strewn all over the floor) and therefore it is safer for her, and less of an aggravation to me!

What kind of crafty/organization things have you been into?

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  1. Such a cute idea!!! I'm having a linky party, and would love it if you joined! Here is the link! Thanks for sharing!


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