Tuesday, January 31, 2012

house tour--master bedroom

Here it is! The one you've all been waiting for! 
Ok, so maybe not. 
But here is the next room on my little house apartment tour.

The Master Bedroom

 View from the foot of the bed.

 One pillow came with the bedding, the other two I made. They don't match exactly, but they go nicely. 
The art is something I made from Styrofoam (that came from something that was shipped to us) and some scraps of fabric. I just felt like the room needed something.
 View from the door. Like I said, the room needed something. You can see that the walls are pretty sparse in here. I guess because no one really sees it, I simply don't decorate it...or haven't yet. Even as I type this I am having ideas of what I could do.

 This little jewel sits on our dresser. My sister made it for us after we got married (for Christmas I think). It has a few cute pictures of us from out wedding day and our invitation displayed so beautifully. I enjoy looking at it and being reminded of that day and our vows.

 My other sister got this for us the first Christmas we were married. 
I adore it!

 Least favorite corner of the room...my make-shift night stand. It works well for holding things (all my scarves, headbands, jewelry) but it isn't really that easy on the eyes.

Wow! We've almost made it through the entire apartment! Just two rooms left--
-Little E's room

Pretty sure Little E's room will be the most fun of the two. :)

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