Friday, January 20, 2012

Insta Friday {photo fun}

life rearranged
Today is FRIDAY! 
Linking up with liferearranged again this week! 
Honestly, this has been a crazy week, with school starting and my dad visited last weekend 
which also kept us pretty busy! Only a few pictures from my phone this week!

Last week E and I met my sister for lunch halfway between her place and mine (about an hour drive).
Aunt B brought Little E a mini-pillow pet...Jolly Jr ( I think I mentioned this last week). 
Here she is all snuggled up with Jolly during nap sweet.

I received these super cute rain boots as a Christmas gift from my other sister. 
It has been surprisingly rainy ever since---yay! 

I must admit that walking all the way across campus in a downpour can actually be fun...yes, I said FUN
when you're wearing the right stuff. I found my self thinking "OH, there's a puddle I can walk through".
Haha! Sounds silly, but with my boots and umbrella, I enjoyed the 10 minute walk in the rain :)

I've heard it said 100+ times, but it really is the simple things in life.
We're on a pretty strict cash budget now (a New Year's goal) so when I saw these flowers at 
the grocery store, I didn't think I could "splurge" on them. 
I had just enough cash for my groceries, but decided to get these anyway (I could space 99cents right?).
When the total came up, I had 25cents more than the total of the groceries + the flowers! Yeah! 
It was PERFECT, and they really bring a special dose of cheer to our house on these gloomy, rainy, cold days. 

This weekend is looking like a pretty busy, but fun one! 
Mike is working a little voluntary overtime and I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow morning. 
Sunday is church and vegetable soup day! 
I'm looking forward to a relaxing time with my family in the midst of our other activities. 

Happy Weekending!



  1. Love the boots and the flowers!

  2. The flowers are so neat! I know all about having to pinch and stretch pennies!!!

  3. I love your gumboots, I would go and walk through puddles too, if I had those!

  4. Nothing brightens my day quite like fresh flowers! Those rainboots are super cute too. :)

  5. I am happy you had enough money in the budget to splurge on flowers. Flowers bring me so much joy and they look great in FiestaWare!


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