Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In my shoes-- day 10

Wow! I have made it 10 days into this challenge! Yay! That really is an accomplishment for this sporadic blogger. 

Tuesday. I woke up a little early...rather I stayed up after an early morning nursing session with Baby G-man. It was nice to be up and have some peace and quiet. I've missed those times recently, but I have also desperately needed the extra sleep. Give and take. Before The Hubs left for work we had a chance to discuss some things about our life and this season. I've mentioned it here in this space before, but we (mainly me, I think) feel like we are in a perpetual season where God is telling us to wait. I am so ready for this to be over so we can really put down some roots and settle in a bit. I got a little emotional, but it was good.

I soon realized that we were out of dog food (really, I already knew but had forgotten until Zoe reminded me that it was time for her breakfast). That's when I decided that a trip to Wal-mart was in our near future. I really don't enjoy shopping there, but The Hubs won a gift card at his training last week so it just made sense to go there. I also needed to stop by the bank and a few other places, so off we went! Running errands with kids can really be a pain sometimes. Getting both of them in and out of the car is challenging...especially when you only have street parking at your house. Sometimes we have to park a good distance from our apartment. That's when I get frustrated. 

Lunch and nap time came right after we got home and that's when I got moving! I really wanted to just nap, but my house has really been a mess and it was getting to me. We are selling some books on Amazon, so I got those all stickers and packed up to ship to the service center. Dinner went into the crock pot. The floors got vacuumed and steam mopped (that's been a long time coming). I even had time to make some glass cleaner, wipe down some windows/mirrors, sweep the back porch and declutter a bit. Baby G slept long enough that I got a 10 minute cat nap too! Hallelujah!

I made a little chart for the refrigerator door so that the things we need to do each week can get crossed off and The Hubs and I will both know what chores still need done. I am hoping it will help keep this place from getting out of control again. Some people can just let it go, but it really starts to clutter my mind and rob my home of the peace I desire when my house is a mess. I can't live that way for very long. 

We had some friends who we hadn't seen in a long time over for dinner and it was wonderful! Little E had a late night (again) which made bedtime hard. When she gets over tires, bedtime is a pain. She finally got to sleep though! And her parents followed soon after. 

I know this stuff can't be all that interesting, so thank you for continuing to read. It's really just good for me to write and put my thoughts "out there". So glad I took this challenge for that reason. I am the type who has to talk through and process things, so this really helps me to see my mundane days in a better truth. 

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