Saturday, October 12, 2013

In my shoes-- day 13

Another weekend has begun!

Friday we had "fun Friday" and we really did have a blast! 

The short and sweet version is that we met some friends at the park for a picnic play date! The weather was perfect with blue skies, sunshine, and temps in the low 70's! Little E had a great time swinging, sliding, and playing with her little friends. G was either in the ring sling or napping on the picnic blanket and enjoying the warmth of the sun. This Mama enjoyed having others mamas of littles to chat with too. 

Nap time was much needed after a morning playing. I did laundry and a few other little chores around the apartment while the kiddies napped. The Hubs got home around 4 and I got some time to go to the free community center down the road. Hubs also won a gift card at work today, so we ordered take out from Applebee's for dinner...hooray for no cooking tonight! 

We spent the evening as a family...running a few errands. When we got home it was bedtime for Little E. Let me add that it was the easiest bedtime ever! She started getting herself ready by undressing and going to the potty. I helped put her PJs on and brush her teeth. Then she went straight to bed with no complaint or requests for snacks (basically an excuse to stay up). We tucked her in and haven't heard a peep since!

Hubs and I made kettle corn (which I ate practically all of) and vegged on the couch for a bit. Then we hit the hay early because we have a big weekend ahead! 

Hope you are taking time to enjoy your weekend whether you are relaxing or busy with fun activities. Enjoy the moments you have with friends and family or the alone time you have! 

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