Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In my shoes- day 31

Is this really day 31? 
I think I may have messed up somewhere or something because it is only October 29. 
Oh well! 

Yesterday, Monday, was definitely a catch-up day! Although, I don't feel like I got caught up on too much. Little Lady E is really starting to get into playing by herself and playing pretend. Like, pretending she is going to the beach or the grocery store. Its really adorable...especially some of the things she says. She was off playing for most of the morning yesterday which allowed me some time to do a few things. I mainly got things on the computer caught up. Things I need my entire mind for that I don't usually get to do when the kiddies are awake--bill paying, budgeting, etc. 

After lunch, they both napped so I got a short, much-needed nap as well. When Hubs came home, I went for a run. Since we'd be out of town it had been about 5 days since I ran, and it was a perfect evening for one. Then we ran to Kroger to pick up a couple of things that I needed to finish our dinner. 

Honestly, the evening couldn't have been better. 

We came home, ate a warm bowl of potato soup, got the kiddies back in the car for a secret Halloween week activity (don't worry...I'll reveal it later). When we got home from our adventure, the kiddies both got baths and into bed. I made decaf coffee for Hubs and autumn spice tea for myself. We enjoyed a couple left over brownies and Oreos while we reviewed the budget for the coming month, looked over the calendar for the week, and planned a few Christmas gifts! 

We crawled into bed and I read another two chapters of Catching Fire. Seriously. How do you only read one or two chapters of a book like that? She totally leaves you hanging at the end of every chapter. Not. Fair. I really wanted to read another chapter, but I had already been reading for an hour and it was getting late. Guess we'll have to wait until tonight. I honestly think we will be done with the book before the week is over. We really are that engrossed in it. Tell me I'm not alone! And, why didn't I read these books earlier?!? 

I had better go get ready for another busy Tuesday. 
Thankfully this is the last Tuesday until April that we have to worry about street cleaning! Hurray! :)


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