Saturday, October 19, 2013

In my shoes-day 21

Brrrr! The weather turned much cooler here today...the rain didn't help things either, but we still enjoyed our day.

Hubs had an early morning meeting that ran a little late so our morning didn't really go as planned. Honestly, I was a bit frustrated but eventually got over it. 

We, rather I, started getting the details of our room rearrangement worked out (switching closets and such) while Huns hung out with the kiddies. After lunch we headed down to Gritt's Farm to enjoy their fall activities. We met up with my mom and my cousin's little boy who is just about a year older than E. we had a blast! E particularly enjoyed petting the donkey and playing in the corn box (basically a sand box but with corn kernels). 

It started rainy while we were there, so we left and headed to Bon Evan's to warm up. Soup for us and pancakes for E. my mom decided to take E with her when we left there and she is having a slumber party! Hubs and I took advantage of an evening with only an infant to go play Settlers of Catan with our neighbors and enjoy some good football and good company. Hubs almost won but was sabotaged by yours truly which allowed Megan to win. We women have to stick together when it comes to Catan! 

We are really looking forward to church tomorrow! Hubs is starting to teach a new training hour class on 1 Thessalonians so he is going over his lesson now. I think it's finally time to put Baby G in the nursery so I can enjoy Hubs' lesson without distraction. 

Good night and stay warm (if you're in cold weather like we are)!

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