Friday, October 4, 2013

in my shoes-- day 6

Fun Friday-- Louisville style!
(We try to do something special each Friday, thus we dubbed the day Fun Friday)

We slept in! 7:30 might not sound like sleeping in to you, but around here that is pretty good! After a delicious breakfast cooked by my Uncle Jon, we headed down to Old Louisville for the St. James Art Fair. Talk about a blast! It was a nice, sunny day which was perfect for walking around outside. I  managed to grab a few Christmas gifts...we only have a couple months, guys! Gotta start getting ready! 

After a couple of hours we left. We didn't make it to see as much as we would have liked, but with a toddler in a stroller and a baby in the Moby wrap, we were ready to go. Naps were great today since the kiddos were so worn out. 

E was introduced to my cousins' pet rabbits and the trampoline today. I promise, once I get home I will add the photos to this post. They are cute...especially since she was apprehensive about both. She ended up having a blast once she got used to the trampoline.
A little apprehensive at first, but she finally warmed up to "Bob"

Dinner at Cheddar's was yumm-o. Too bad we don't have one in Charleston! 

This little trip has been really fun, but exhausting too. We are really missing Hubs/Papa. He is so fun and helpful! This caring for two babes without his help is exhausting, even though my family is a huge help! We're looking forward to another fun day, but also excited to get home to our "normal". My kiddos are really routine oriented, so all this different stuff makes life harder. On a positive note, E slept really well last night and at nap which is amazing because she typically has a hard time sleeping in different places. 

We ended the day with a round of Apples to Apples and chocolate chip cookies! Can't have a fun Friday without something sweet...and chocolate. We are admitted choc-o-holics :)

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