Thursday, October 17, 2013

In my shoes -- day 19

Well, our living room is painted! (Almost) We ran out of the gray for the accent wall, but everything else has been painted including the baseboards and trim! 

That took up the majority of the day and the kiddies did really well entertaining themselves while I painted. 

This evening we went to a visitation for a friend's grandmother and had hopes of going to pick up some paint for another room, but that didn't happen. G-man needed to nurse so we came home, got E down early, and enjoyed a snack and some time of talking and catching up on how our days went. 

Tomorrow is Fun Friday and Hubs is taking a half day off of work. Really looking forward to having him with us in the afternoon and hoping to get more done on the painting and rearranging of rooms. Will post pictures next week when it's all done! 

 photo ab29bc5e-a253-412d-9df4-0cae9934e6f1_zpsb8dd1c0e.jpg

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