Friday, October 25, 2013

In my shoes--day 27

 Thursday! What a fun, hectic, exhausting, exciting day!

I started the day at 5:00 with an early morning feeding for G-man and decided to just stay up. I made granola and pumpkin muffins because its been on my list to do for days now! Also may a hubs some eggs with mushrooms, olives, and spinach for his breakfast. Cleaned up the kitchen a bit. All before 6:30! Whew!

After Hubs left for work, I sat down to gather my thoughts and plan out the day. 

We needed to go to Target and it was street sweeping day, so I decided we'd go early as is possible for a Mama and 2 littles. We made it there a little after 10. I picked up what we need for our trip (which, by the way, we leave in 5 hours and I haven't packed a stitch of clothing....or anything else). We stopped on the way home to visit Hubs on his break, at the car wash to clean and sweep the inside of the car, and the library to pick up Catching Fire that was on hold for me. I'm hoping to start reading it today...we'll see.

At home we had lunch and nap time. I worked on making a baby shower gift for this weekend. I thought I'd never get it done! When E was a baby she would scream and cry every time I started to sew...coincidence? I think not. Baby G was sleeping when I started sewing yesterday and woke up screaming, and continued screaming for 30 minutes! Sheesh! What is with my babies and not wanting me to sew? 

Our city had two different Trick-or-Treat activities last night. We took E to the farmer's market as Cinderella, and was she ever cute! Then we headed to the mall for a little bit (can you say insane?).

Cinderella and her prince

Just moments after the coffee incident (see below for details)

DQ gave out tiny cones. She was elated!

Baby G-man just along for the ride. 

Want to hear some crazy stories from last night? Well, Baby G decided to poop right when we got to the mall so the first place I went was the bathroom. It was a big one and I only had a couple of wipes with me. Ahh! It was messy but we managed. I kept thinking about it just being one of those just happens and you deal with it the best you know how. Then, I sat down at Starbucks to nurse G-man and Hubs put his coffee right next to the diaper bag while he took Little E to see the Chic-Fil-A cow. Not sure what happened, but I felt liquid on my foot and sure enough I had spilled the the entire contents of a 12oz cup! All over my feet, the diaper bag, table, floor. Thankfully we are pretty tight with the Bux people (Hubs was a shift manager there for a while), so they replaced our drink and helped us clean up. 

We came home, had a quick dinner, and got the kiddies ready for bed. It was a little chaotic (understatement) because of all the excitement and fun we'd had earlier. We finally got them to bed and went downstairs to watch Marshall play some football (just the first half). We were ready for bed after that. 

Now, on to packing and prepping to leave! Happy Friday! See you back here tomorrow :)

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