Thursday, October 10, 2013

In my shoes--day 11

Writing a daily blog post while up late nursing a baby-- that's my life right now!

Tuesday night was really hard. Not sure why Baby G didn't want to sleep, but he didn't. Thankfully the Hubs is amazing and was up a lot while letting me get a little rest. Wednesday morning was rough. The Hubs goes in early on those days and I woke him up just 15 minutes before he needed to head out. Days like that I am glad he is a guy and only takes a few minutes to get himself looking presentable.

Both kiddies woke up right after he left which meant that it took me forever to get myself going. Hubs usually makes the coffee but didn't have time, so I was fending for myself with two littles already awake. It was just one of "those" mornings...days, rather. G had a hard time napping all day, but Little E-girl was great. She was content to watch Sleeping Beauty most of the morning which allowed me to get a few things done. We skipped our normal library trip because I was too tired to try to make it. I was able to get one of my bigger projects done (clean out/organize the hall closet). We had a crock pot dinner which I started Tuesday night so it didn't require much attention.

One big event for us-- E got her first "hair cut" by yours truly. By hair cut, I mean her beloved "rat tail" is now in a ziplock bag. She had this one lock of hair that extended half way down her back while the rest was really short. I finally snipped it a little and it looks so much better. Hooray for no more knotted rat tail every morning!

The Hubs came home to me sleeping on the couch. I managed to get Baby G to nap only while holding him and I ended up falling asleep too! We hurriedly got ready for ballet. Have I mentioned how much my girl loves ballet? She adores it and it is so fun to watch her. 

The weather was perfectly Fall, so after ballet we scarfed down dinner so that we had time for a walk before prayer meeting. 

So, there you have it! Just another day in my shoes!

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