Monday, October 21, 2013

In my shoes -day 23

Today (Monday) was catch up day and while I didn't tackle everything on my list I was somehow okay with that. Pretty big deal for this Mama! 

There was still so much to do from where we rearranged the rooms this weekend! Clothes needed sorted and put away, some small painting projects needed done, the kitchen was a total disaster and laundry is quickly getting out of control! 

Thankfully the kiddies cooperated and I was able to get a lot done in the morning. I painted the built in book case in our room. Just the back of each shelf. It's a nice goody color that is a good warm compliment to the cool purple-gray on the walls. You can see a snapshot of it on my Instagram! I got a few other organizational things done (board games, clothes, etc), washed dishes, and loaded the dishwasher. No laundry got done today, but I can do that later this week. 

E took a long nap today, but Baby G-man has kind of hit a wall on the napping...or any going-to-sleep for that matter. He's having trouble going to sleep, mostly during the day but at night sometimes too. He barely slept this afternoon and was fussy for a good part of it. Not the way I really wanted the afternoon to go. 

We spent the evening with the McFarland family having our usual Monday night taco dinner! Always a good time! Despite it being past bedtime when we left, we stopped to see my dad since we were in the neighborhood. It'd been too long since we'd seen him and E loved on him so much. It was sweet! 

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day, so I better wrap this up and hit the sack! Good night, wonderful readers! 

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