Saturday, October 26, 2013

In my shoes--day 28

Right now, I feel like everyday is the same--crazy! Maybe that's just this season of life with a toddler and an infant.

We planned to leave around noon yesterday to drive to my sister's house in Pennsylvania. At 9:00 I still wasn't packed. There were diapers to wash, kiddies to wash, dishes to wash, and clothes to pack. Why did I wait until the last minute?!? I decided to bathe everyone and get us all dressed and ready before packing. Not my best idea ever. G-man was crying (read: screaming his head off), I was trying to pack stuff, and E came in completely naked. Yes. After taking time to dress her, she completely derobed. Picked Baby G up and he spit up down my shirt-- down the inside of my shirt. Thankfully my mom came on her break and hung out with those silly kiddies of mine so I could finish packing. 

Hubs got home around noon and off we went! The trip was a little long, but nice...except for the fact that E talked basically the entire 6 hours. Honestly, though, it wasn't a bad trip. 

When we arrived, E was so excited to see her cousins! They played for several hours and completely entertained themselves. It was waayyyy past bedtime when we finally put her down. She slept in a sleeping bag on the floor with the big girls, and while it took her a bit to settle down, the rest of the night went well...she was exhausted from the trip, from not napping at all yesterday, and from playing. 

It was really fun introducing my sister and her family to Baby G-Man! He was so smiley for them too. Sweet boy!

Every time we are here we end up staying up too late. No exception last night. We finally got to bed around midnight. I'm the only one up now and that's just because G-man was hungry. I'm praying the girls sleep for a while because it could be a long day if they don't! 

Hope each of you enjoy your weekend!

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