Wednesday, October 2, 2013

in my shoes--day 3

The first day of October proved to be a good one for us! 

I started the morning off with some quiet time alone with my coffee, Bible, journal on the front porch. The crisp fall morning was perfect! The Hubs had to travel for work, so he was up and gone by the time I got up. Baby G and E slept in a bit which was nice. I was even able to shower and wash my hair before the kids were up! 

When E woke up, Baby G was still sleeping so we took our time with breakfast and made pumpkin muffins!
Not the greatest smile, but OH! those PJ's!
There is just something totally adorable about kids
in footy jammies.

Erin (my friend/landlord/neighbor) came up with her daughter and enjoyed the muffins with us.

Not sure why, but E was very "touchy" today...meaning she wanted to touch everything! Even stuff she knows isn't hers to touch. That was a bit frustrating at when she ran off to the porch with my phone (remember yesterday's post about throwing the pacifier off the porch?). 

The afternoon consisted of a trip to Target to get a few things for our upcoming trip this weekend, nap time (I got to paint my nails!), and a walk down the block to pickup leaves and sticks. I met The Hubs at a fundraising banquet for our local mission while the kiddos stayed at home. Though it wasn't a true "date" because we didn't have much time to talk, it was nice to have some time with just him and a meal where I didn't have to feed anyone else or cut anyone's food. We enjoyed our time and when we got home, my mom (who watched the kids part of the time we were gone) and I peeled apples. Apple butter cooked in the crockpot all night! My first attempt and I haven't tried it yet so I'll have to let you know how that went later.

Hope your day was spent enjoying life's moments. That isn't easy for me, but I am slowly learning to let things go and just enjoy life in the midst of the mess. See you back here tomorrow for another day
  in my shoes.

Side note: I have heard of women using coconut oil on their hair. I tried (again) today and it makes my hair look really oily. Even when I just put it on the very ends. Tips? Thoughts?
I know it is supposed to be good for your hair but I am getting close to abandoning my attempts.

Baby G hung out in the swing while E drew on the window with her window markers this morning.

Doesn't the laundry look more glorious in the sunlight?
This is the huge stack that was folded the night before but not put away. I had another
basket that I folded today.

 photo ab29bc5e-a253-412d-9df4-0cae9934e6f1_zpsb8dd1c0e.jpg


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  1. Enjoyed your first few post Rachel, and your kiddos are oh so sweet! My kids are older now but I love the babies so much that I often work in our nursery at church. I was a working mom for many years. I have sort of done it backwards. I worked up until by youngest was five. I just want to encourage you that the days of having laundry all done are far and few between and getting a shower can lift your spirits as much as a good worship song! Looking forward to reading your post! Blessings


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