Monday, October 14, 2013

In my shoes--day 16

Manic Monday just about sums it up.

With a busy weekend behind us, I thought today might be full of naps for our littles. I couldn't have been more wrong. Grouchy baby and toddler made for a yucky afternoon. As a matter of fact, when Hubs got home E informed him that, "Mama was crying on the couch. She had tears." 

 True story. 

E was crying and so was G. Loud. I just decided to join them. 

It really wasn't all bad, but just most of it. 

The blessings? God's leading and causing my sinful heart to follow. I truly believe today was a bit of a spiritual attack more than just kids acting up. God had led me specifically to do something uncomfortable. The Enemy didn't want that to happen, because when truth is spoken chains are shattered and lives are freed. In the end, God had his way, but not without a least that's my perspective. 

Another blessing in the midst of the madness? I had a specific (very specific) answer to a very specific prayer. Thank you, Jesus! 

So the day was not fun with some happy little blessings strewn throughout it. 

Good night! May the babies and Mama out there all sleep well! :)

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