Friday, October 11, 2013

In my shoes-- day 12

Thursday is always a welcomed day around here. Why? Because it means Friday is almost here! 

We had a better night of sleep last night, but still not back to our "norm". I'm thinking Baby G might be going through a growth spurt. 

We made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. It was a bit of a rough morning. E was just grouchy. Thankfully nap time came quickly today. 

Thursday was basically a cleaning day. I got several loads of laundry done, unpacked from our trip last week (late, I know.), and tackled a couple of projects on my project list. I was able to bleach the shower curtain...well the liner. Been meaning to do that for a week or so. I also got my couch cleaned. Our little Zoe dog like to lay on the couch and its cream colored so it started looking grungy. I got the cushions cleaned a bit but I won't be able to tell much about it until it dries. 

It was a pretty good afternoon. I snagged a tiny nap and even got to read a little bit...a very little bit but it was reading none the less. E was a bit whiny after nap, but much better than the morning despite the episode where she used a crayon on the hardwood floor (Erin, if you are reading this, don't worry. I cleaned it up). Baby G basically entertained himself on his play mat for a good part of the afternoon which is how I was able to get work done! So thankful the kiddies behaved and I got a couple things accomplished. That's rare in this season of my life so I don't take it for granted at all. 

In the evening, my mom and our neighbor took E to a local homecoming parade while the 3 of us stayed home. It was nice to have some time to talk without much interruption and to have dinner with only adult conversation...and some peace and quiet. We took a little walk and G-man slept through it all in the ring-sling. It was the perfect fall evening for a walk. 

E came home and told us all about the parade while shoveling as much candy into her mouth as she could before bed time. We snuggled and Hubs read a story before tucking her into bed. Now we're on our way to bed to rest up for "Fun Friday" and the rest of our busy, fun weekend ahead!

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