Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In my shoes- day 32

I know this was a 31-day series, but I haven't finished up the month of October yet. So, I've decided that tomorrow will be my last day of the challenge.


It was another long, busy, fulfilling Tuesday. 

It always begins with rushing around to get to book study and leaving the apartment early enough to not get ticketed for being parked on the right side of the road during street cleaning day. Thankfully, tomorrow is the last day of street cleaning for the year! That will make my life easier. 

We left early enough to stop by the fabric store on the way. I am planning to make something for E for Christmas and wanted to pick up the fabric! Ohh! Its going to be cute!

Book study was great and Little E loved her class. Her words, "I had fun! And I didn't push anybody!" Baby steps, people. Baby steps. 

Our next stop was my mother-in-law's house. She had a friend in town and wanted her to meet the kiddies. We already planned to go to LB's for the rest of the morning/early afternoon, and since they live in the same neighborhood that made it easy! We were at Mawmaw's house for a few minutes before heading to play (kids) and chat/drink coffee (moms) at our cousins' house. 

We enjoyed lunch with LB and her family and then headed to our house for nap time. We were only home about an hour before Hubs got off work. That's the nice thing about a busy a day. We hardly realize he's gone before he comes home! 

Had a pretty low-key evening as a family. Hubs cooked pasta for dinner and I picked up our candy for Trick-or-Treat. Our neighbors were giving a TV away, so we claimed it which meant the guys had to move it from their apartment next door, to ours. Before bed we read another chapter of Catching Fire. Katniss just stepped into the arena before we closed the book. All I can say is, "Seriously?!? Water??" 

Enjoy your Wednesday, friends! 
And be sure to come back tomorrow for the last post in this series! 


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