Saturday, October 19, 2013

In my shoes-- day 20

I completely forgot to write last night before I went to sleep! I think it's ok though because at some point I wrote twice in one day so I am actually a tiny bit ahead of where I should be...I think.

Fun Friday lived up to its expectation!
I spent the morning cleaning while Huns was at work. He came home at noon and we enjoyed our afternoon! After lunch the kiddies were napping so Hubs and I got some time alone to sit on the porch and chat over coffee. After nap we went to Lowe's for more paint and Kroger to get a couple things for dinner. We haven't done our Friday tradition of homemade pizza in a while, so that was on the menu. Typically I just make the crust from scratch but with all the work ahead of us that evening, we decided a mix would make life easier. That's where Kroger came in. 

After dinner we began moving furniture to rearrange our rooms. E was upset about it at first, but them we couldn't get her to stop. She kept saying, "I'm moving!" and she'd carry stuff to her new room. I was planning to move closets today but she stated that last night. 

It was a long evening of hard work, so we were pooped (which would be why I didn't write)! 

The weekend is shaping up to be a fun-filled, busy one as well! Looking forward to tonight's post with some photos of the fun we are planning to have! 

 photo ab29bc5e-a253-412d-9df4-0cae9934e6f1_zpsb8dd1c0e.jpg

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